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Timber Flooring

Engineered Flooring

Engineered floorboards Is designed to make high soundness yet keep up with the presence of strong timber flooring. Engineered flooring is not only a beautiful type of flooding to use in your home but also comes at a reasonable price.

Care and Maintenance

Try not to Clean Items with Synthetics, such as Ammonia. Just Delicate Materials To Apply Your Cleaner and don’t use A Steel Fleece Brush Or Scouring Cushion To Buff Out Marks.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring Is constructed of 4 Layers. each layer is fused together using high heat and intense pressure. Below Is a breakdown of these layers.

Back Layer: Bottom Layer; Responsible for Protecting the Plank Against Moisture, And Balances The Floor.

Core Layer: Above The Back Layer, Is A Durable, High-Density Board That Protects from Indentations and Moisture.

Design Layer: Above The Core Layer; Has A High-Resolution Photograph of the Floor’s Surface Appearance.

Wear Layer: Top Layer, Is A Clear Layer That Protects Against Fading, Stains, And Surface Burn

Care and Maintenance
  • Clean Your Laminate Floor Using A Microfibre Or Terry Cloth Mop For Best Results, Spray Cleaner Directly Onto The Bottom Of The Mop Cover.
  • DO NOT Use The Beater Bar On Your Vacuum, Or It Could Damage The Floor.
  • Use Floor Protectors On Furniture To Reduce Indentation.
  • Laminate isn’t water proof so make sure any spills be addressed Immediately. 

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Is The Latest Flooring Innovation, Combining The Best Attributes Of Both Laminate And Vinyl. Creating A Rigid Floating Floor That Can Be Installed Throughout The Entire Home.

Care and Maintenance
  • The Floor Should Be Consistently Vacuumed (Bristles Down) Or Cleared With An Electrostatic Mop.
  • Never Use Steam Mops On Your Floor or Wax to Clean Your Floor.
  • Never Slide Or Roll Weighty Furniture.
  • Keep animals Nails Managed.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Is A Synthetic Material Made Up Of Several Different Layers. It Comes In Plank But It Is Made Primarily Of PVC (A Type Of Plastic). The Most Basic Vinyl Plank Flooring Comes In Three Layers. A Pattern Or Design Layer That Gives The Vinyl Plank Its Look And Feel.

Care and Maintenance
  • Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners On The Floor.
  • Don’t Use Steel Wool To Scrub The Floor As It Can Take Away The Shine.
  • Avoid Splashing Too Much Water On The Floor As It Can Damage The Glue Underneath.
  • Don’t Let Your Furniture Scrape On The Floor. Felt Adhesive Strips Should Be Placed On The Legs.
  • Ensure You Don’t Wet The Luxury Vinyl Too Much When Mopping. Although It’s Resistant To Moisture And Humidity, Splashing Too Much Water On It Will Do It No Good Over Time. 
  • There Are Vinyl-Friendly Cleaning Products On The Market. The More Gentle You Are With Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring, The Better.

Carpet Flooring


A Carpet Is A Textile Floor Covering Typically Consisting Of An Upper Layer Of Pile Attached To A Backing. The Pile Was Traditionally Made From Wool, But Since The 20th Century, Synthetic Fibres Such As Polypropylene, Nylon Or Polyester Are Often Used, As These Fibres Are Less Expensive Than Wool.

Care and Maintenance
  • Remember, For Best Results It Is Important To Act Quickly As Stains Left In For A Prolonged Period Will Set And Be More Difficult To Remove.
  • Haphazard Attempts At Spot Removal Can Cause Permanent Setting Have Stain, Pile Distortion, Matting And Loss Of Colour. 
  • If The 1st Order Of Treatment Does Not Remove Stain, Ensure That Carpet Is Dry Before Proceeding To The Next Step In Order Of Treatment. Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner Immediately for a safer choice if needed.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl Roll Is Fibreglass-Cushion-Backed Flooring That Comes In Large, Continuous, Flexible Sheets also coming in many designs.

Care and Maintenance

Caring For Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors Is Practically Effortless. For Routine Cleaning With A Soft Bristle Broom, Microfibre Mop Or Vacuum With A Soft Brush. For Occasional Thorough Cleaning, Use A Mop Dampened With Floor Cleaner Specifically Formulated For Luxury Vinyl Tile.

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